Tweedgreen is a community organisation of local people working towards a self-sustaining Tweeddale by promoting local food and sustainable transport, encouraging local energy generation, and reducing energy use and waste.

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By joining, for a one-off fee of £5, you support an active environmental group, receive regular e-mails about activities and get reduced entry to Tweedgreen events.

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Membership also entitles you to harvest your own woodfuel with the Woodfuel Group.


Tweeddale Community Woodfuel

We are a group of local people dedicated to promoting woodfuel as an environmentally friendly and renewable resource for heating the home. About 25% of Scotland's carbon footprint is based on heating our homes and most people use fossil fuel to do this. Here's our vision statement:

To improve energy sustainability in our community by replacing fossil fuels with local sustainable woodfuel for our domestic energy needs

Since our launch in Oct 2015:

Over 50 people have signed up to join our group. This is a logs for labour group, offering members the chance to source woodfuel at lower prices (or even free if they do all the processing themselves).

We are working with woodland owners in Tweeddale to source woodfuel for our group

We have built a community woodfuel processing and drying site. This is particularly helpful for people without sufficient storage space for woodfuel at home

To join our group and be kept up to date iwth activities please contact or downtoad and complete our Membership Form, ensuring you tick the 'woodfuel' box.

Community Food Hub

Thanks to Awards for All funding, we have been able to secure small premises at the Courthouse on Peebles High Street in which to trial a long-planned project. From this base we will expand our already successful wholefood co-op, and have staff on hand to answer questions on living more sustainably.

Tweedgreen’s aim is to make Tweeddale more self-sustaining in terms of food, energy and transport. The new Hub will be a space for exchanging ideas, information and resources. Specifically, the food hub will source ethically produced, organic or local basic foods and sell these on in bulk at affordable prices, helping more people access affordable, quality food and reducing travel to Edinburgh for such products.

Please come in and say hello, and give your feedback and suggestions on how we can best serve the community. You can also email and tell us what products and services you would like us to provide. We will post regular updates on our Facebook page.

The Secret Garden

(which we don't want to be a secret)

On the left side of Dean's Wynd, which runs alongside the British Heart Foundation shop on Peebles High St, is our community growing garden, a peaceful place to sit or garden and learn to grow vegetables. All welcome anytime; group gardening times are Tuesday afternoons and the first Saturday of every month from 2pm.


For the past few years we have been delivering our unique environmental education programme in local primary schools. Through this we offer fun activities and challenges to help chlldren, and their families, to reduce their carbon footprint. Children receive a "passport" of challenges covering different topics, and a tree or seeds to plant on completion of the challenges. One of our most popular activities, the smoothie bike, demonstrates alternative energy.

At the moment we have no funding for Ecoheroes. However, a new funding application has been submitted. In the meantime, we recieved a small grant of £500 to develop our very own Smoothie bike in collaboration with Bike Punks youth project.

Carbon Conversations

Carbon Conversations Groups offer a supportive group experience that helps people halve their personal carbon footprint. They deal with the difficulties of change by connecting to values, emotions and identity. The groups are based on a psychological understanding of how people change.

Groups of 6-8 members meet with trained facilitators in homes, community centres, workplaces or other venues. The 6 meetings create a non-judgmental atmosphere where people are encouraged to make serious lifestyle changes. The groups offer:

  • space for people to explore what climate change means for themselves, their families and their aspirations
  • permission to share their hopes, doubts and anxieties
  • time to work through the conflicts between intention, social pressure and identity
  • reliable, well-researched information and practical guidance on what will make a difference
  • support in creating a personal plan for change

The meetings use professionally designed, reliable materials to cover climate change basics, ideas for a low-carbon future and the four key areas of the footprint – home energy, travel, food and other consumption. Discussions of practicalities are woven together with discussions of how people feel and what these changes mean personally. Carbon reductions of 1 tonne CO2 are typically made by each member during the course, with plans developed to halve individual footprints over a 4-5 year period. Basic facilitation training equips suitable volunteers to facilitate effective, stimulating groups. Carbon Conversations groups operate well as a cascade scheme. Typically 10% of participants train to become facilitators of further groups.

For further information see

Tweedgreen have a local network of trained facilitators: if you are interested in taking part in a series of Carbon Conversations workshops please contact Ruth at the Food Hub, or

Other initiatives

Do you have a bright idea for a local carbon reduction initiative? This could be lift-sharing, upcycling, reusing…If Tweedgreen can help, please get in touch.

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