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Results of Tweedgreen Travel Study 2012

In 2012 Tweedgreen carried out an in depth travel study of Tweeddale. We commissioned Transportation Planning International (TPI) to carry out this study, in April-August 2012. The purpose of the study was primarily to identify baseline transport and travel conditions through a travel survey and to provide ideas on ways to reduce the transport related carbon footprint of the area.

Find out more and view the results of the study here

The Tweedgreen Challenge


We want you to take part in the Tweedgreen challenge!

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Carbon Conversations

Courses start on 27 February & 6 March 2012

Carbon Conversations is an inspiring, practical 6-session course on low-carbon living. It was recently featured in the Guardian as one of the 20 best solutions to climate change.

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Free Talk @ Eastgate Theatre: Alastair McIntosh – The Pornography of Consumerism

9th February 2012 7.30pm

Alastiar McIntosh portrait

International speaker, Alastair McIntosh returns to the Eastgate to deliver another thought-provoking and stimulating presentation. Academic, environmentalist, activist and founder member of the Gal Gael Trust in Glasgow, the author of “Soil and Soul” and “Hell and High Water” and regular contributor to Thought for Today on Radio Scotland, Alastiar will explore consumerism and other related topics.

Carbon Conversations – Pilot Project

Next course starts on 23rd January 2012


Beyond the facts – what does Climate Change and Peak Oil mean to us?
Climate change is something which will affect all of us, and something we’re all responsible for. It’s vital we learn more about these issues together: what is it; what does it mean for us; and what can we do?

Carbon Conversations
Carbon Conversations is an inspiring, practical 6-session course on low-carbon living. It was recently featured in the Guardian as one of the 20 best solutions to climate change.

Members explore the basic climate change problem, their responses to it, their ideas for a low-carbon future and the four key areas of the footprint:
– home energy
– travel
– food
– other consumption

Tweedgreen has decided to pilot the Carbon Conversations programme in Peebles, to see how it works within our own community.  We have set up a pilot project, consisting of two initial courses in September 2011 and January 2012.

Pilot Carbon Conversation Courses start on 15 September 2011 and 9 January 2012
The course is free but we would welcome a small (non-obligatory) donation towards the costs of the materials (up to £15).

To sign-up, drop us an email at

What are Carbon Conversations?
Carbon Conversations is an inspiring set of group discussions about and around climate change. Small groups meet for 6 short facilitated discussions, meeting every 2 or 3 weeks, working through activities and games; sharing thoughts, ideas and reflections. It was recently featured in the Guardian as one of the 20 best solutions to climate change.

The discussions:
– are based on the psychology of change
– are emotionally engaging
– are technically rigorous
– use an up to date, attractive handbook, games and materials

The course aims to motivate and support individuals to make progress with cutting their carbon footprints, and to help people talk constructively about these issues together. Going further than just the ‘facts’, the programme is unique for its attention to how making change in our lives is intimately bound up with issues of identity, society and values. Giving groups the space to discuss the more personal side of carbon-cutting, the meetings are designed to develop our insight, as individuals, into our own ways forward with environmental change.

Why not be one of the first to try out the pilot Carbon Conversations programme in Peebles?  Your involvement will give you insights into greener living and will also help Tweedgreen determine whether this is an effective tool for educating people about behaviour change in our Tweeddale community.

Learn more:

Carbon Conversations in Cambridge

The Approach: Guardian video

Tweedgreen have launched a new website,

The message board is designed to help mountain bikers visiting the world class trails at Glentress and Innerleithen share their car journeys.

Local project worker Isabelle Clements said: “Every weekend and even during the week, there is a steady influx of cars carrying mountain bikes into the Tweed Valley. Some of these cars are carrying only one solitary biker. We decided to set up this website to help people find other mountain bikers to share their journey with. ”

Tweedgreen carried out a survey at Glentress to understand how mountain bikers currently travel to the trails. Of the mountain bikers interviewed, 91% had travelled 30-200 miles to ride at Glentress. The average distance travelled was 84 miles. One eager biker had travelled a round trip of 400 miles to experience his first ride at Glentress.

Isabelle said: “We were surprised to discover just how far people travel to ride at Glentress. This is a testament to the quality of the trails – and the carrot cake at The Hub!”

Tweedgreen was pleased to see that the vast majority of these mountain bikers had shared their journeys. 78% of riders said they would be happy to use a mountain bike specific website to find others to share their journey with in the future. is designed to help mountain bikers share their biking plans, meet up with riding buddies, share their journeys, save fuel, save money, and protect the environment.

As well as reducing single occupancy vehicles, Tweedgreen hopes that ­will help bikers with no transport facilities, particularly younger riders and students, to get lifts to the trails and discover the fantastic rides in Glentress and Innerleithen.

Events such as the Tweedlove Festival highlight the Tweed Valley as a prime destination for mountain biking. Chris Ball, founder of Dirt School (photographed with Ben Wills of RideLines and Jaymie Mart of Athleat Nutrition at Tweedlove on 19th June) said: “With so many like minded cyclists heading to the Tweed Valley on a daily basis, initiatives like make perfect sense for everyone. Not only can we all lower the impact of our day out on the planet but you might get to ride with some new people at the same time.”

Bike Train from Peebles to Kirkton Manor

24 September 2011


Thank you for joining our bike train ride to celebrate Moving Planet Day, sending out the message of the importance of taking action on climate change and the fun that can be had riding a bike instead of sitting in your car. People all around the world cycled, walked, skated, asking their governments to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. (  The Bike Train from Peebles to Kirkton Manor was our contribution to this global event.

We had a beautiful ride, blessed with perfect weather.   25 of us, of all ages, cycled together through stunning scenery.    Thanks to all for a fantastic day.  We look forward to the next voyage of the Tweedgreen Bike Train.  Watch this space!

Bike Train Etiquette

We aim to create a friendly ‘safety-in-numbers’ space on the road to enable more people to cycle. We don’t intend to hold up other road users, we do intend to be an assertive presence on the road. Other vehicles will be able to overtake easily when we get to pre-arranged passing places.

Stay together: We will go at a reasonable speed (not too slow) but it’s important to keep together, keep up at the back, don’t go too fast at the front. If the ride gets split, the forward section should either stop and wait or continue slowly so that the rear section can catch up. This depends on the extent of the split and what feels safest.

Stay legal: Obey the rules of the Highway/Country Code when riding. Please follow the marshall’s advice and instructions for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. And look out for sheep on rural roads!

Stay safe: We aim to be highly visible with stewards at front and rear wearing hi-vis vests. Keep a safe distance from the cyclist in front. Avoid sudden movements. Shout “stopping” if you need to stop. We may need to pull into a passing place or move to single file to allow vehicles to pass. Please listen to the marshall for instructions. Look out for each other, especially any children on the ride.

Stay friendly: Keep calm, be friendly and considerate to all road users.

Have fun: This is a chance to meet like minded people or catch up with friends. Enjoy! THANKS!

The Bike Train model is used regularly in Brighton and has recently been launched in Bristol.   Here’s an article on the Bike Train model in Brighton.

Tripshare Borders – Win tickets to The Wickerman Festival

Register and share a journey before 1 July 2011

Win tickets to The Wickerman Festival

Liftsharing in Peebles has gone up by nearly 100%, according to a recent survey carried out by Tweedgreen.

A survey carried out at peak time outside Peebles in September 2010 showed that only 9% of cars carried a passenger. The same survey carried out in March 2011 showed that 16% of cars contained a driver and at least one passenger.

Tweedgreen Project Coordinator Isabelle Clements said, “The ever increasing cost of petrol has encouraged people to look into alternatives for reducing their travel costs. Many people who in the past thought car sharing was too restrictive have changed their minds as they see how much money can be saved by sharing even just a couple of days a week. We are delighted to see that the people of Tweeddale are car sharing informally with friends, neighbours and via TripshareBorders.”

Scottish Borders Council is offering two pairs of weekend camping tickets to the Wickerman Festival, in Dumfries and Galloway, on 22-23 July 2011, to those who register and share a journey using Join TripshareBorders before 1st July and you could win tickets to the Wickerman Festival.

Philippa Gilhooly of Scottish Borders Council said “This is a great incentive for people to overcome their reservations about liftsharing and register with TripshareBorders. The more people who register, the more chances there are of finding a match for your journey. At Scottish Borders Council headquarters, the number of staff regularly car sharing has increased from 60 to just over 170 in the last year. We are all far more aware of our carbon footprint, pollutants and emissions these days and car sharing is an excellent way of saving money whilst adding to your green credentials.”

Now is the time to register with TripshareBorders and join the increasing numbers of smart people who are sharing their journeys to work

Fuel Efficient Driving Challenge

March 2011

Fuel Efficient Driving

Interested in saving petrol, saving money and helping the environment?
Join the Tweedgreen Fuel Efficient Driving Challenge, 14th March 2011

Fuel prices have increased by 15% compared to this time last year. It now costs over £20 more to fill a family car than it did just two years ago.

Against the backdrop of rapidly increasing fuel costs, Tweedgreen is proud to announce the launch of this unique driving challenge. We are delighted to say that this challenge has been developed with the full support of our local Esso and Shell stations. This unprecedented collaboration sees Tweedgreen, your local environmental and sustainability group, working together with our local garages to help demonstrate the benefits of fuel efficient driving.

Through this experiment, we aim to quantify how much fuel and money can be saved through fuel efficient driving. A similar experiment was carried out by the AA in 2008: a group of 50 AA employees saved an average of 10% on their weekly fuel bill, with the best achieving an incredible 33% saving. We are hoping to replicate this experiment in Tweeddale in 2011, to see how much fuel, money and carbon the residents of Tweeddale can save through adopting fuel efficient driving techniques. As well as saving money and fuel, eco-driving will help you drive more safely and reduce wear and tear on components like tyres, clutch and gearbox.

If you are interested in learning how to drive fuel efficiently, save money and help the environment, join our challenge now.

Top tips for fuel efficient driving
1. Shift to a higher gear as soon as possible
2. Anticipate road conditions and drive more smoothly
3. Maintain a steady speed in as high a gear as possible
4. Drive a little slower
5. Switch the engine off if you’re stationary for more than a minute
6. Keep your tyres properly inflated
7. Switch off air conditioning
8. Close your windows if travelling at 50mph or more
9. Remove roof boxes and rack if not being used
10. Remove unnecessary luggage to reduce weight

To join our challenge, pick up a leaflet from our two local garages. Leaflets will be available from 4th March.

In the Tweedgreen Fuel Efficient Driving Challenge, we are asking people to:

Week 1: Drive normally, record your mileage and fuel use on the Tweedgreen form attached to the leaflet

Week 2: Try fuel efficient driving. Record your mileage and fuel use on the Tweedgreen form

By 28th March: Drop the form off at either of the Peebles filling stations or at the Tweedgreen office.

Completed forms will be entered into a prize draw to win 5 pairs of tickets to the Eastgate Theatre.
We look forward to hearing the results of your fuel efficient driving experiment. Happy eco-driving!

ALSO: We think this article about fuel-efficient driving recently posted on the BBC website is an interesting read.


Eco Drive Simulator – Drive more efficiently and economically

Various Events in 2010


Tweedgreen provided eco-driving simulators at various events around Peebles in July, October and November of 2010.

The simulator demonstrates how to drive more fuel efficiently in a fun, interactive way.

It is clear that living in a rural location like Tweeddale, with no train link, most of us need our cars. When we choose to use our cars, we can also choose to drive efficiently. This not only saves money each time we fill up our petrol tank, it also saves on carbon emissions.

The eco-drive simulator was available during our Get on Your Bike and Eco Drive Day, 31st July. 17 people tested their skills driving the simulator and received invaluable advice from a specialist Sustainable Transport Advisor from the Energy Savings Trust. Many of these people will now be adopting more fuel efficient ways of driving and experiencing substantial savings on their petrol costs.

Get On Your Bike & Eco-Drive Day 2010

31 July 2010


Tweedgreen launched its sustainable transport campaign at “Get On Your Bike and Eco-Drive Day” on Saturday 31st July 2010, at Burgh Hall, Peebles.


Tweedgreen rickshaws on Peebles High Street, free bike servicing, bike exchange and the chance to try out the Eco Driving machine were just a few of the attractions at Tweedgreen’s Get-On-Your-Bike and Eco-Driving day in the Burgh Hall last Saturday. (31st July)

Many people took advantage of a free ride home in one of the Tweedgreen liveried rickshaws, over twenty lucky riders had their push-bikes checked over and sorted by our two professional Bike Doctors, from B-spokes and Glentress Bikes, completely free. Unwanted and outgrown bikes were donated to the Bike-a-Brac stall and were quickly snapped up by happy new owners, who also took advantage of the free bike checks.

There was much hilarity as folk tried their hand at “Eco-driving” on the Energy Saving Trust’s driving simulator, the somewhat vague steering making careful ecologically sound driving quite testing. The read-out later was useful as it showed the ideal gearing for optimum fuel consumption. There were also displays with detailed information on the relative costs of travel in cars, buses and bicycles. This ranged from 30 pence a mile for cyclists to £2.40 per mile for private car users when depreciation, servicing, repairs, helmets etc are taken into consideration.

Amongst all the good fortune was also a serious message about the importance of reducing our carbon footprint in Tweeddale. Tweedgreen are working towards local sustainability in all areas and that includes getting more of you out of your cars and on to your bikes. We are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful part of the country with relatively low pollution and Tweedgreen have a series of competitions coming up to encourage you to dust off your cycle helmets and help to keep Tweeddale green! There will be Bums-on-Bikes competitions aimed at school students and Bike-to-Work aimed at businesses in Tweeddale running into the Autumn. The prizes will include new bikes and bike related goodies for the successful schools and businesses.

Bike-a-Brac: Donate Unwanted Biking Items

31 July 2010

old bikes

Our Bike-A-Brac stall was available on Saturday 31st July at Tweedgreen’s ‘Get on Your Bike Day’ which took place at the Burgh Hall on Peebles High Street (31st July 2010).

It was kind of like a Saturday Swap Shop for bike bits and pieces. Everyone was welcome to bring along any old bikes, parts or accessories that they’d been hanging on to but were never going to use again. Removing that bike related clutter from their garage and helping to find a new home for it.

NEW Tweedgreen